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Business owners are routinely faced with difficult decisions, including deciding between purchasing your own software and opting for a software subscription. By evaluating how much you can pay to software developing companies and prioritizing which software suites will most benefit you, the process can become less murky. Here is a cost-benefit analysis to simplify this important technology decision:

  • Software Purchase: Purchasing your own software gives you a permanent license to use that program. Though you will pay more upfront to purchase software, you will have the convenience of a one-time payment rather than monthly or yearly subscription fees. One major benefit of software purchase is that the owner is given full access to the program’s complete capabilities; comparatively, some subscription models only allow for limited use of the software or software suite. If it’s within your budget to buy software outright, you enjoy the freedom of owning a license, and full use of the software’s capabilities is necessary to your business process, purchasing may be right for you.
  • Software Subscription: Software subscriptions are similar to any other kind of subscription in that they will function for the duration of a designated amount of time. Once that time is complete, the user will no longer have access to that software. If you are unsure whether a certain program will benefit business operations but would like to try its features, subscribing can allow you to explore the software before making a purchase. Electing this option saves money due to lower IT costs and its pay-as-you-go format. On the downside, limited applications and a lesser degree of control can deter business owners from electing this option. Ultimately, your short- and long-term vision for your business will dictate which option is preferable.
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G-globalmediasummit IT, Inc. specializes in serving small and medium-sized Charlotte business with all of their IT needs. To learn more about our effective and proven products and services—including support for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Windows Desktop — give us a call today.

We provide technical support to computer users for free. We prefer to call our users “Clients,” because we have the philosophy that, despite our service being free, you should still receive the highest quality technical support. If you have a computer problem – anything from hardware to HTML problems – then call us right now and get the best possible service.

What Practices Can Keep You Safe on the Internet: Regardless of your company’s core competency, odds are you rely on efficient online exploration and email to carry out many vital tasks. First and foremost, ensure that all browsers are properly updated to better detect and avoid threats. Set up internet zones to restrict certain sites and list others as trustworthy. Check for encryption prior to entering any sensitive information on a website. Lastly, do not open any email messages or attachments that have strange headlines, exhibit poor grammar, or seem entirely unrelated to your business. More often than not, this email is spam and has made its way through your spam filter.

By adopting safe internet exploration habits and working with a trusted IT company, you can keep your business safe from hackers and other online threats. Call us today to discuss our full-service IT management geared to help your business.